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e-Science is going to play a major part in the development and innovation brought on by scientific research. As the tools through which scientists conduct their research develops so will the need for larger amounts of data to be stored increase. This is why e-Science is so essential to the future success and development of the sciences. e-Science allows for the amount of data that can be stored in scientific research to increase, and this will lead to further discoveries and advancement.

Through technological advances such as the computer and internet, science has already had a chance to make use of these technologies. This has enabled researchers to collaborate with other professionals across the globe, and to store information in amounts that could not have been conceived of before.

The basics of e-Science

e-science may seem like a complex entity, yet it makes use of technology that many of us will already have heard of, or even, have some knowledge of. Each and every day, scientists make use of technology such as satellites, telescopes and lasers, and this requires immense amounts of data and information to be stored. Without the aid of e-Science the analysis of such data would be far too time consuming, and would falter the development of scientific discoveries and theories.

Through e-Science, however, scientific personnel across the globe are able to collect data efficiently and easily, analyse data within a short time limit and do so in a cheap manner. This is what makes e-Science such an important element in the future success and development of the sciences.

The advancement of science

It is no secret that e-Science will play a key role in the improvement, development and eventual discoveries that are bound to happen in the scientific network. Around the world there are groups and organisations working to enhance the development of such a vital element all the time. In the UK alone, for example, groups such as the National e-Science Centre, developed by several departments from the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the London e-Science Centre are supporting the development of e-Science.

Their aim is to discover innovations in computer technology, and to do so through multi-disciplinary collaborations. As mans scope for discovery and advancement continues to thrive, thus will the development and popularity of e-Science.

Our aim

This site has been set up to further increase the knowledge and understanding of e-Science. It is also developed to help further the aspiration and ambition of those wishing to further enhance the advancement of the sciences. Firstly, we start out with a detailed outline of e-science as a discipline, in order to give you a general scope of the discipline. We then look to the overall aims of e-Science and what difference those working in the industry hope to make.

This is followed by a look at some of the groups that make up UK e-Science, in hope of further enhancing their image and making them more accessible. Finally, there will be an examination of what the future holds for e-Science. This will be a cross-examination of various research groups and their intentions, in order to grasp the aspirations they hold. If science is to develop, then technological advancement through e-Science is essential.